Little Nemo @ Les Souffleurs

March 2nd, 2010

nemo-in-slumberland---souffleurs-1LITTLE NEMO IN SLUMBERLAND


Little Nemo vous invite dans le monde de Slumberland : un voyage au pays de l’electro-pop & de l’indie dance. Un pays ou Beth Ditto couche avec Lady GaGa, Bloc Party et Depeche Mode jouent à la poupée SM, et Giorgio Moroder apprend la vie à Calvin Harris.

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  1. jenny jones says:

    Hi How do you feel about the new DJ,S that are coming thru with there lap tops ect do you think that with all the new gadgets around that a Bedroom dj can just now take a lap top and play a set in a club?

  2. Little Nemo says:

    Hi Jenny. Though being an ‘old’ DJ (djing since early 90’s), and able to mix with vinyl, with no doubt computers and new technology is a new way to mix. And yes, it makes Djing more affordable and ‘easier’. But, on the other hand, the technology and the technique is not for me the essential part of DJing : DJing is an art, and your musical culture and your playlist makes 90% of a set. So, whatever bedroom or pro DJ you put behind the decks, the result depends not much more on his skills, but on his musical taste and the way he makes the people dance. And it makes a LOT of difference.
    DJ Little Nemo.